International Day of the Girl


When teaching ballet, our classrooms are typically filled with little girls. It's not that boys aren't allowed — in fact, our early-childhood dance program is designed to appeal to girls and boys as our ideas and exercises are gender neutral (no glittery pink girly plans, just plain fun for all kids). However, we don't mind the unique opportunity of being able to positively influence so many girls when they come through the studio doors with bright eyes and endless possibilities ahead of them. Our ballet curriculum teaches these young students the skills and confidence that can help them achieve whatever great things they make up their minds to do. While a lot of the students we encounter already have access to education and even more opportunities, like dance class, we want that for all girls, which is why we support girl power and the International Day of the Girl

LNL International Day of the Girl.jpg

So, let's celebrate this day that honors girls and works to improve their lives. Talk about the challenges young women face, figure out ways to help girls have a fair chance at realizing their ambitions, and share this post or better yet — your own reasons why girls deserve the world. And let those who are pushing things further for girls in their communities or around the world know that they are appreciated. To the dance teachers working with us, thanks for making sure dance class is a safe place for girls to grow and discover their strength. 

P.S. The quotes on this page come from this International Business Times article, which has more information about International Day of the Girl and more empowering quotes.