Friday Five — Lovely Links


How have things been going at your dance studio this week? And what are you plans for the weekend? We're literally on the go this weekend — Beverly is in Michigan visiting one of our member studios. And here is a round up of results from traveling around the web this week. 

  1. We are curious to see this new movie and have high hopes for it. ( via several of our member studio's Facebook posts)
  2. Seven brain hacks for learning — we especially love number five! (
  3. Yikes, think twice before stocking up on juices. Instead try these smarter eating habits. ( +
  4. We appreciate seeing conversations about raising race-conscious children because it can be hard to know how to talk to kids about race, and silence isn't the answer. (
  5. Considering how the coffee orders of our studio's employees are common knowledge, this is good news. (

And one final comment about this week that's on a more serious note — Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Being from Louisiana, we know how devastating hurricanes can be. So to all our friends in its path, please stay safe, and to anyone else that can afford to, please check out how you can help.

P.S. The beautiful photo is from when Christian Louboutin launched nude ballet flats for all via and could be a good example for #4 of how to notice and celebrate different races.