Friday Five — Lovely Links


Today is our founder Beverly Spell's birthday! To celebrate this incredible lady, we're sharing five links about things she loves. 

  1. Ballet, of course. Go behind-the-scenes at Freed of London. (
  2. Chocolate, but only the darkest! Made even better when tied to being nice and helping each other out. ( via
  3. Productivity. She runs multiple businesses, wears a lot of different hats, and likes to discover new ways get things done. (
  4. Family! Because being Gramby to Foster and Phoebe is pretty much the greatest. (photo by her son,
  5. Teaching. Using performing arts to educate can be really powerful. Aren't the examples in this article brilliant? (

Please help us wish Beverly a happy birthday! Send her your best wishes in the comments below. And then go eat some chocolate and do something you love this weekend. 

P.S. The birthday ballet illustration is a card from Rifle Paper Co