Monday Motivation — On Delegation

This week's Monday Motivation ties into past conversations about building a good dance studio staff and into our current focus for the new year — which is using organization and time management to increase productivity. 



The ever-inspiring Judith Jamison, artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, provides this bit of wisdom about the power of delegating. Her career defines success, and she faces challenges with confidence. How she manages to accomplish so much and make it look easy is astonishing. Yet when you look at her awesome attitude and approach to life, work, and dance, it makes sense and sets a strong example for the rest of us. 

At Leap 'N Learn, we know that a dance studio's employees influence the success of a business, so we've talked about how to build the best staff with our members in order to be surrounded by people you trust. We're also in the middle of discussing how to be more productive as busy studio owners. Our personal goal is to get more organized and use our time more wisely, or in other words, to work smarter and get more done in 2015! An important factor in doing this is learning how and when to delegate. While it may be a habit that's hard to get used to at first (us dancers tend to be perfectionists and don't mind working hard on our own), it will free you up to focus on more important things, whether it's higher-level tasks or just spending time with loved ones. And delegating can be very empowering and motivating to your employees too! 

We hope this motivates you to let go of some things this week and let others have the chance to shine at doing them.

We'd love to have you join these conversations about hiring the best staff, getting organized, managing time well, and being most productive... feel free to leave a comment below.

P.S. We found this great dance quote in this past interview with Judith Jamison on Dance Consortium. You can read the full interview for even more inspiring content.