Monday Motivation — On Expression

This Monday Motivation post revolves around a dance quote from the inspiring filmmaker Ric Burns. His new documentary about American Ballet Theatre airs May 15th on PBS. 



While this dance quote isn't from someone in the dance world, it sure sums up ballet in a beautifully eloquent way. Ric Burns started filming the American Ballet Theatre in 2006 to create a documentary for PBS' American Masters series, and after hundreds of hours of footage, he definitely gained a unique appreciation and understanding of the art of ballet — and we can't wait to see his fresh perspective and insight! In honor of the company's 75th anniversary, this film is a perfect way to celebrate ABT's rich history. Read more about American Masters: American Ballet Theatre at 75 here. 

This dance quote especially speaks to us with the part on expression. It seems there is a lot of debate over whether dancers are athletes or artists (here's an article from this week on the topic). And while ballet requires as much strength and discipline as even the most rigorous sports, ballet is so much more — and art is what sets it apart. To us, dancers may all be athletes, but the truly talented ones take it further by expressing themselves through this wonderful medium and transforming into artists.

Even though expression is a huge part of dance, it's often overlooked in dance classes. With Leap 'N Learn, even our youngest dancers are taught to show emotions and use movement as a form of expression, and this benefits them greatly in their social and emotional development. Our early childhood dance curriculum not only teaches age-appropriate dance skills, but also all the other components that make ballet an art. In fact, expressing emotions through movement is this month's objective and the idea is intertwined through all the weekly dance lesson plans! 

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