Monday Motivation — On Balance

We are back with another dose of Monday Motivation for all the dance teachers, studio owners, and dancers who manage to keep up with the hustle and bustle during this busy holiday season!



This week's inspiring dance quote comes from Megan Fairchild, a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, and from the same Grit & Grace campaign where we found our last Monday Motivation quote. This sentiment rings especially true as our days fill up with all the festivities of the season. As we squeeze even more into our packed schedules, we appreciate this reminder to find balance. 

We know balance is crucial for dance, but it's easy to forget that balance is as equally important in our lives too. Letting all of our actions and thoughts revolve around dance is common, and because it's something we love, we typically don't feel any imbalance. However, dance is demanding and like anything that requires a lot from of you, getting burnt out, or at least wearing down, is a realistic consequence. And the last thing anyone wants during this wonderful time of year is to push too hard and not have the energy to enjoy everything it has to offer. Plus, when other varied pursuits give our life even more worth, we do have more reasons to dance! Tearing ourselves away from dance and work actually gives those exact things more inspiration, productivity, and meaning. It's a win all around!

So as you prepare for holiday shows, think ahead to year-end performances, and find those perfect dance gifts (by the way, our holiday gift guides will be released this week!), be sure to balance dance and work with other things that bring you joy. For Mrs. Bev that's playing with her adorable grandson — what else do you like spending time doing? And as you go from decorating your home to baking cookies and heading to one special event after another, be sure to balance the busyness with calmness too. We find a warm bath with aromatic sea salts especially relaxing — what is your favorite way to slow down?

From all of us at Leap 'N Learn, we hope you achieve a perfect balance, and we wish you a holiday full of endless reasons to dance!