All is Calm — A Gift Guide for Dance Teachers

The time is here to shop for all the loved ones in your life. If you're like us (busy, busy, busy), it can be hard to get everything done, let alone to take the time to strike upon on ideas that are unique and just right for every recipient on our list. Knowing this feeling, we like to at least help provide insight into what we do know — great gift ideas for dance teachers!

The Leap 'N Learn's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, Part I is all about dance teachers, and we have a particular interest in making this season calm for them. Dance teachers deserve a break from their non-stop going (if you can figure out how to get us to do less or give us more hours in the day, that would be the best addition to this wish list). These presents are designed to let dance teachers indulge, take care of their bodies, and go through the holidays with ease. Ahh, we already feel better just thinking about it. 


Farmaesthetics Remedy Oil, $25 — The holidays are an ideal time for dance teachers to slow down and pamper themselves. This remedy oil is guaranteed to make your favorite dance teacher feel spoiled, and we expect it will become a part of their regular routine. It can be used directly for massages or added to a hot bath. We are interested in the hyssop oil as it specifically states it's great for teachers — it eases muscle tension and sore throats, perfect for someone who moves and talks all day long! Though the arnica oil sounds good for it's anti-inflammatory properties too.

Powerful Plant-Based Super Foods, $21.99 — We pull this book off our shelves all the time, and we've hooked a lot of friends and family on it as well. It made it on to our holiday gift guide because we think of dance teachers as super heroes, and so it only makes sense that they need to be fueled by super foods! The best dance teachers already know how to eat balanced meals, yet this book will take them to a whole new level. It's surprisingly captivating to read, and each featured super food has a yummy, vegan, gluten-free recipe to accompany it (our favorite so far is the vanilla almond coconut cookies). 

Lily and Laura Bracelets, $12 — Beverly's daughter-in-law Amanda started the craze for these. She found them at a local boutique, they ended up being her go-to present, and now we are all wearing them. They're versatile matching every personality and outfit possible. They are dressy enough for a party, yet comfortable enough for everyday wear (they don't get in the way like bangles do). Best of all, they benefit the women from Nepal who create them. And they recently opened an online store! It's too good of a secret not to share (we apologize for the the new addiction).

Jasmine Seven Yoga Mat Wipes, $9.95/pack of three — Dance teachers add yoga and Pilates into their routine to help condition their bodies and to carve out time to relax. These all-natural yoga mat wipes can help make that experience even more calming with their soothing lavender scent. Even though they're strong enough for your mat, they're also gentle enough for your skin — so they can be a great way to clean up and feel refreshed after getting a workout teaching dance class too. We're betting these will become a staple in everyone's dance bag. They also carry feet wipes and give back to good causes.  

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, $24.99 — Dance teachers read quite a bit, everything from children's books to resource materials. Unfortunately with our busy schedules, the only time we squeeze in some reading is when it's related to work. While this memoir by American Ballet Theatre dancer Misty Copeland would surely inspire our work, reading it would be just for us. In other words, we are asking someone to please wrap up some books like this that give us an excuse to read for pleasure. During our winter break, we want to curl up with some page-turners and a cup of this healthy hot chocolate.

Heart Bud Vase, $19 — At the entrance of our dance studio, we always keep fresh flowers on the counter. They make a nice first impression, and we enjoy their aroma. All the compliments they garner aren't bad either. For those reasons and more, a little vase like this and a single flower would be a charming gift for a dance studio owner. The same present for a dance teacher would be a sweet way to show you care. It will warm their heart when they come home to it after a long day of work. (P.S. Let this gift keep giving throughout the year through regular flower deliveries, even if they're foraged from your yard.) 

Handmade Southern Magnolia Wreath, $24 — A fresh wreath adds a bit of beauty to the season and checks something off our holiday to-do list. We want to deck our halls with decor, but sometimes run out of time to do so. A thoughtful gift like this petite wreath makes sure we come home to a festive touch, and we'll be sure to think of you each time we see it. This one speaks to our Southern roots, but with so many styles available, you can't go wrong! 

Glass Food Storage Bowl, $6.50 — Dance teachers need a lot of energy to get through the day, and eating well is key. You may notice that we like to keep healthy snacks readily available and often eat our lunches at the studio between dance classes. A patterned glass bowl with a secure lid like this one would be a welcome way to pack and bring along our goodies. And even better if it's filled with something nutritious (this is our latest obsession) or maybe a gift card to a local grocery store. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.55.08 AM.png

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars, $8.99 — Speaking of things to eat, it's no secret that our founder Beverly Spell is a chocoholic. Since she can never pass up a delicious bar of dark chocolate, we thought it was only fitting to include one on this holiday gift guide. The two brothers that founded this artisanal chocolate company make some of the best ones around! While they are based in Brooklyn, you can find them pretty much everywhere now. We'd highly recommend picking up a bar for yourself while you're at it too.   

Favorite Things Holiday Wrapping Sheets, $8.50 — This last idea may seem odd to give as a gift when it's typically what someone unwraps to get to the gift. However, we can't tell you how many times the days leading up to the 25th have been so crammed full that we end up scavenging for old scraps of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve to use. So if you want to do a favor for the dance teachers in your life, feel free to give us gift wrap. Add a way to tie it up, some gift tags, and scotch tape, and our holidays will go from stressed to blessed. These gifts will truly end up being a few of our favorite things! 

What do you think? Are you already clicking to purchase some of these dance teacher gifts? Which ideas appeal most to you? And what did we forget to add to the list?

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