Monday Motivation — On Patience

We find inspiration all over. Everything from a beautiful ballet to the courage of a fellow entrepreneur can fill us with ambition and drive us to do more. But sometimes it's hard to see this positivity when we need it most. And even though Monday can be a clean slate to start a new week, I think we can all agree that it's often on this day that we need the extra encouragement and push to keep going. So that's why we are starting this new series, Monday Motivation, to share bits of wisdom from inspiring individuals. 



Our first Motivation Monday quote speaks about patience — a trait that pretty much everyone desires and sounds so simple, yet can be so hard to achieve, especially on a regular basis. There always seems to be so much we want, and right away! But it's important to remember that the best things come with time, and often a lot of hard work.

Sara Mearns, a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, is talking specifically about ballet in the Grit & Grace campaign, but we feel this quote applies to so many other situations too. A ballet student must remain dedicated and know that talent comes over time, not just overnight. A studio owner must know that opening a business and getting to the point where everything runs smoothly and successfully has a lot of stepping stones along the way. A dance teacher must constantly keep learning and evolving to stay relevant and help others learn in the best way.

The things really worth pursuing rarely lead to immediate results, and you'll likely have to make sacrifices, or at least choices that shift your priorities. You'll have obstacles to overcome, and you'll likely be hardest on yourself. Yet at the same time, you're determined and going to do something incredible! So be patient with yourself, know you are trying your hardest, and trust us, it's all worth it when you reach your goal.