Friday Five — Lovely Links

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Costumes, dancing, kids — oh my! There was a lot of great content splashing about the web this week, making it hard to narrow our selection down to this list of five. Check it all out and let us know what you think. 

  1. A fascinating read — What’s Going On Inside A Toddler’s Brain, According To Science. (
  2. Oozing confidence and happiness, USA Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez dances at the White House. We bet a lot of girls want to be this human emoji's friend like we do. P.S. Don't forget to register to vote. ( + +

  3. Jewels is still as mesmerizing as ever. Don't you think your little dancers would go gaga to see these these beautiful costumes? ( +

  4. Dancing in the streets — an American in Cuba and a wee tot in Ireland. ( +

  5. These may be the cutest Halloween costumes using dance leotards that we've ever seen! If you need a solo idea, just toss a blanket on similar to this. (

Did we miss any of your favorite things you read or watched online this week? Leave a comment to share your takeaways and discoveries. 

P.S. The picture is from the viral video of Irish dancers by Galeway Now Magazine in #4. A little blurry, but oh so cute! (

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