Monday Motivation | On Growth


As we're gearing up for some major growth at Leap 'N Learn (stay tuned for news!), we think this Monday Motivation quote from Sergei Polunin is very fitting. 

This Monday Motivation quote comes from the New York Time's article Sergei Polunin, Ballet's Bad Boy, Has a Change of Heart. With the new documentary out this month about Sergei Polunin's life, the controversial dancer is opening up about his story and how he's grown — and still is growing!  From talking about mistakes made in this Elle article to how having the right mentors might have made a difference in this Interview article, our interest is peaked. We look forward to watching the Dancer and learning more. Have you seen it yet?

Sergei Polunin experienced a huge amount success and acclaim at a very young age, yet that didn't bring him happiness. Now that he's reevaluated his goals for himself, he seems to be in a much healthier place. We can't wait to see what he does to shake things up with his Polunin Project that aims to connect artists with other connections and career opportunities outside of company work. To us, he's more successful than ever, and we admire his determination to grow himself and this industry!  

How he managed to find this clarity and insight at such a young age (he's only 26!) is remarkable. He talks more on the idea of not staying comfortable and challenging himself, saying "you have to open your heart, you have to switch your mind. It's the courage to push out of it rather than stay in and be comfortable" ( It's so easy to fall into a pattern of being comfortable, but wouldn't you agree that it is much more exciting to face a challenge and keep growing? 

Have you pushed yourself lately? Are you anxious to keep learning and growing? Tell us about it in the comments below. We'd love to get even more motivated by hearing your stories...