Friday Five — Lovely Links


It's a new season, and we're excited to get our Leap 'N Learn blog active again. We hope you'll follow along. To kick things off, here are some links we've seen recently and can't stop thinking about. 

  1. Yes I Can. These superhumans are super inspiring! (
  2. “What if joy is my only metric for success?” Sarah Jones. Plus 14 more career tips from smart women. (
  3. We love this simple way to react to an upset child! And a little more on the topic. ( +
  4.  This video makes us want to create a waggle dance exercise. (
  5. We keep seeing more about adventure or "wild" playgrounds. What's your take on them? ( +

Let us know how you've been and what you've seen online that's caught your attention lately in the comments below.  

P.S. The photo is from a behind the scenes article about the making of the video in link #1. Read and see more here. (