Friday Five — Lovely Links


Can you believe summer has gone by so quickly?! While we've had a blast with summer dance camps, we're excited to get back into a regular schedule. Here are few links that we've found inspiring or helpful during this transitional time. 

  1. Perhaps the most awesome summer dance workshop we've seen. Plus, a touching video of the experience. ( +
  2. It seems like you can hardly go a day without hearing about meditation and its benefits; are you making it a part of your daily routine? (
  3. A powerful reminder of why Art is Vital in education. (
  4. Hiring new dance teachers? Check out these interview questions. (
  5. This Farm to Ballet Project combines a unique celebration of agriculture and eating healthy with arts and community. ( via

What have been the highlights of your summer? And how are you gearing up for the 2015-2016 dance year? If you haven't already registered for the Leap 'N Learn Dance Teacher Training Workshop, now's the time to do so (we're still accepting new member studios, so if you haven't licensed yet, you can apply here first). It's just around the corner and is a great way to prepare for a successful year. 

P.S. The photo of Megan Sterns by Joey Jones was found via the article in #5. You can learn more about the Farm to Ballet Project here.