3 Day Dance Teacher Training Workshop with Lisa Howell

We're honored to have Lisa Howell of The Ballet Blog join us during this year's Leap 'N Learn Dance Teacher Training Workshop! Not only will returning Leap 'N Learn member studios have an exclusive day of learning from her and Beverly, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend Lisa's incredible Level 1 Teacher Training Workshop happening at our Lafayette studios the three days preceding the LNL workshop.

Beverly attended this workshop with Lisa Howell back in February and sees a huge difference in her dancers after implementing what she learned during the training. With the information and techniques being essential to teaching dancers of all ages, we truly believe every dance teacher should take this training with Lisa Howell — and we feel privileged to provide this opportunity stateside, making it convenient for all of our member dance studios. 

Sign up now. Trust us, you don't want to miss this amazing opportunity!