Think Positive, Feel the Warmth

Brr... it's been so cold lately! We've seen so many dance studios having to close again and again due to this stormy winter. And not to mention the high number of students missing class due to getting sick. It's hard not to let those winter blues get to you, but we're here to give some ideas on how to stay positive! 


1. Start a Countdown — After all there's only 43 days until Spring! Can't you just smell all those early blooming flowers and imagine the cold earth turning green again when you close your eyes and think about it? It's always easier to bear something knowing that it doesn't last forever. Before you know it, the summer sun will be heating your skin, and you may even just wish for some of this winter weather again, even if for a second. There's something great about the way living in a place with four seasons just keeps you going.  


2. Slow Down — Find beauty and enjoyment in every day, even if it's a very cold day. We find if we're fascinated by actually looking at the crystals of snow instead of just trudging through it, somehow it doesn't feel so frigid out. A change of perspective, or distracting your mind with something more fun, can do wonders in this type of weather. So grab a camera for a snowy day photo walk or grab a sled for making the most of the snow. Or maybe we can't convince you to step outside your door (maybe it's more slush and ice out than winter wonderland); that's okay too. Use the days inside to indulge in a marathon of watching your favorite TV show or to finally try out a recipe you for which don't normally have time (we recommend this chili and this gingerbread cake). Do what you like, eat all you want, no regrets! 

3. Write a Letter — What better time to send some love? And who doesn't like getting something special in the mail? It makes you feel all warm inside, right?! We like to jot some notes on these colder, slower days to pass the time until Spring. It doesn't take much time, but it makes us feel productive. And even though it's something little, it definitely adds some excitement. Send thank you notes to your dance studio families, send a letter to a family member, write a message to a dance student, and tell your employees or co-workers why you care about them. We especially love these flamingo ballet cards as they remind us of our flamingo passés! 


We hope these little tips for happiness help warm up your winter!

Tell us how you stay positive despite the low temperatures...

Amanda SpellComment