June Leap 'N Learn Workshop

The first of our two summer Leap 'N Learn dance teacher workshops was last week. We loved getting to spend time with our attending partner studios — thanks to all of you who made it! 

To give the rest of you a glimpse into how wonderful it is when we get together and learn, we're sharing some photos of the recent training here. If a picture paints a thousand words, we think these snapshots speak volumes for how even adults can get lost in their imaginations during our Leap 'N Learn creative movement and dance lessons. And if you think it looks like we enjoyed ourselves, just wait until you see a studio full of budding young dancers performing these movement activities — the creativity unleashes even more and of course, the adorableness factor sky-rockets! 

Are you planning on joining the next Leap 'N Learn Workshop in August? Be sure to let us know, and then get ready for a memorable time at The Ballet Studio in Lafayette with us.

Ready to get in on the full Leap 'N Learn experience? Fill out a license application here, and we can get things going in time for your team to attend our second summer dance teacher training. Then you'll be set for starting your fall dance classes with our program, and to see for yourselves how little dancers light up with Leap 'N Learn.