Mentoring Works — Hooray for Dance Mentors!

January is National Mentoring Month, and we support that 100 percent! We wouldn't be where we are today, or even who we are today, without guidance and encouragement from our mentors. Now by working with dance students, teachers, and studio owners we get a chance to mentor others. And how lucky is that? As any mentor knows, it helps you grow as much as your mentee. Plus, it strengthens communities (and in dance, we are all for positively joining together instead of getting caught up in competition). 

The 2014 National Mentoring Month's theme Mentoring Works is simple, but so true. We will be exploring specifically how mentoring works in dance by sharing stories from dancers and their mentors. 


We're also excited about this year's key message — Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters. We will be talking about what it means to be a mentor and how to get involved, or encourage others to get involved.


So first and most importantly, thank you to all the mentors out there. What you do works and you really do matter to someone who matters!  


We hope to hear your mentoring stories too. Post in the comments below who has been your mentor and what you've learned from that person. Define what makes a good mentor in your opinion. Or just talk to us about why you think mentoring is important.