Learn About Leap 'N Learn — LNL 101

Here at Leap 'N Learn we know learning is important. In fact, one of our principles is that learning must be ongoing. Continual education and seeking out improvements drive us to do what we do — and of course, that's what we like about you too!  

We know that our standards of dance education are high and our commitment to dance studio owners, teachers, parents and students is deep. But we also know that it attracts the best of the best! By providing quality resources and solid knowledge, we know we will get to work with those that accept nothing less. 

We've decided to host a Leap 'N Learn 101 on Twitter and Facebook this week to spur more learning and help those in the dance world learn about our program. We can't wait to connect with more like-minded dance educators   and we hope you'll join the discussion!

Leap on over to follow us on Twitter and to like us on Facebook. We'll be going over the basics of Leap 'N Learn and answering questions. Ask us anything you want to learn, or share with others what you know and love about Leap 'N Learn! Feel free to use hashtags #LearnAboutLNL and #LNL101 to see what people are saying and to make your posts a part of the conversation. 

P.S. While helping others learn about LNL is our big focus for the week, we are always open to answering questions. You can @tag us on Twitter, leave a note on Facebook, or contact us directly at anytime. We think working in dance is the greatest, and we enjoy talking about how we can make it even greater for others. So if you are unclear about any aspect of our program or want to see if you'd be a good fit, that's why we are here... so let's chat! 

Amanda SpellComment