Leap 'N Learn Gives Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving week, we've been sharing just a few of the many things for which we are grateful! The idea of giving thanks makes us feel warm and happy inside, so Thanksgiving always comes as a welcome reminder to focus on those things that bless our lives. In case you missed them on Facebook and Twitter, here are our top five reasons to give thanks this year:

1. Family — They are our biggest fans. We love the way they can always make us smile... especially this handsome little man, Annie's son and Beverly's first grandchild, Foster!


2. Little dancers — They are our inspiration. We adore their creativity and joy. And, it always makes our day when they say funny things. How do your students inspire you and what funny kid quotes have you heard?


3. Clients — They are our friends! Working with smart, passionate dance educators toward the same goal really creates a strong bond. We love truly enjoy getting to know people all around the globe that know the importance of dance. 


4. Holidays and days off — They are our restoration. The sometimes sparse, but very valuable time away from work helps us to relax, rejuvenate, and find more energy to keep going! How do you spend your free time? We love a cup of tea and good book on a day off (or at least a bubble bath after a long day of work). 

photo (7).JPG

5. Parents of dance students — They are our heros. From our own parents that got us involved in dance and stuck by us as we became dance teachers to all the parents that understand the importance of arts in a child's education and growth, we give thanks for their encouragement and guidance, their sacrifices and support, and their commitment and dedication. 


While we could go on and on giving thanks, these five things are just a few that always stick out in our minds.

What are the things that always seem to overwhelm you with gratitude? Tell us what you give thanks for in the comments below! Trust us, it feels so good to slow down and bask in what makes life good. 

Amanda SpellComment