The curriculum definitely makes my life easier!

I am in my fifth year of owning a traditional ballet school with approximately 75 students in a small mountain town. I am a one-woman shop and teach all of the classes myself. I was first drawn to Leap ’N Learn because I wanted an education-based curriculum that was easy and efficient to learn and implement.

 I am now almost to my one-year anniversary with Leap ’N Learn, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the program. The curriculum definitely makes my life easier, and my students are learning more and enjoying themselves more than ever. The parents tell me often how much they appreciate the attention to skills that help with reading as well as the structure and discipline of my classes, all of which are straight from Leap ’N Learn’s methods.

 The summer training session, monthly calls, and various materials are all invaluable.  Beverly and Dr. Annie really do cover all the bases, and I am absolutely a better teacher with happier dancers and parents thanks to Leap ‘N Learn.


Angie Wells— Director, Brevard Ballet and Brevard Ballet School

Amanda SpellComment