How to Make a Jellyfish Prop

  1. Gather the necessary supplies listed below.
    • Ribbons: I purchased different shades of cream, gold, and silver ribbons from the fabric store, but you can get creative or use whatever ribbons you may already have around.
    • Clear bubble umbrella: Available on Amazon.
    • Battery lights, if desired: Available on Amazon. These make the prop extra whimsical and make the kids light up with excitement, but you can make the jellyfish prop without them.
    • Clear packing tape: If you’re like me, you always have several rolls around. I find this is a product where the name brand makes a difference. I’d recommend buying in stock to save: Amazon.
    • Scissors
  2. Randomly cut the ribbons in one foot to two feet lengths.  
  3. Tape the light string and battery pack to the umbrella using clear packing tape, if you have chosen to use lights on your jellyfish prop.
  4. Sew the various length ribbons to one ribbon measuring the circumference of the umbrella.  
  5. Tape the ribbon you made in the previous step to the umbrella using clear packing tape.