Skip Gallop Game | Part 1

Objective: To incorporate math into a dance game with simple addition problems. To practice traveling and transitioning between skipping and galloping. To introduce choreography and build memorization skills.
Age: Most appropriate for LNL 6 and up. LNL 5 will enjoy the game but must be skipping and galloping well for most success.
Props: Skip and gallop cards
Music: Galloping or skipping tracks from KIDS! or KIDS!2


Ask four dancers to come forward and signify each dancer as 1, 2, 3, or 4. Have each one choose one card. The card that dancer number 1 chooses is step one and on down. Ask the dancers to stand in a line facing the other students. Have all students repeat the pattern read on the cards in the correct order. For example: gallop, skip, skip, gallop. If necessary, place the cards in the proper order in front of the room where all dancers can see them.


Ask dancers to practice and to keep repeating the sequence across the dance space. Hands can be placed on hips, in demi-seconde, or swing naturally. Ask dancers to try the sequence along with music.


Choose another four cards and create another sequence. For added difficulty, add the first card sequence to the second card sequence to increase memory challenge.