A Note From Beverly's Desk — A Trip Down Under

This month, I returned from an amazing trip to Australia. I was honored to be invited to teach an Angelina Ballerina™ Dance Academy Curriculum workshop to teachers from Australia and New Zealand. My husband and two nieces traveled with me, and we turned our jam-packed fifteen days into a wonderful adventure from driving on the left side of the road, learning new phrases and usage of English words, climbing up and down mountains, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and holding animals and reptiles I never thought I would have the nerve to hold. Yes, I actually held a python, or perhaps I should say it held me! 


I thoroughly enjoyed sharing information with the thirty-seven very talented ballet teachers from Australia and New Zealand. A great big thanks to Emma Sutherland for inviting me to travel down under. Emma and her family were so gracious and made us feel like royalty. Thank you to all of the teachers in attendance. Their energy and excitement for teaching little ones was a blessing to share. 

Angelina in Australia
Angelina Group

While in Sydney, I also was able to learn from Lisa Howell of The Ballet Blog. If you are a dance teacher, you must check out her wealth of knowledge and information available through her website. I am very anxious to implement all of the new strengthening and stretching exercises and massage techniques for dancers into my curriculum. Teachers, please take the time to check out all of Lisa's resources for teachers. 

Opera House Arabesque
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As long as I can remember, one of my dreams has been to travel to Australia. I have to say the trip was as magical as I had always imagined. The people are gracious, the land is varied and beautiful in every way, and the coffee is exceptional! (Anyone that knows me understands how important that last fact is to me.) I am very thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams. 

From my desk,

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P.S. What is your dream travel destination? Have you been lucky enough to go there? If so, share a picture of your dream trip with us!