Strengthening & Stretching Storylines | Part 1

Objective: Incorporate additional storylines and pretend play into the basic Leap 'N Learn warm-up strengthening and stretching exercises. 
Age: 3 through 6 with variations in complexity
Music: Tracks #2 and 3 on KIDS! or KIDS! 2

Exercise 1 — Going to the Beach

  1. Snuggle and Stretch
    • Yawn while stretching out arms, snuggle in tightly to take a nap before going to the beach.
    • Stretch out, roll back and down to lay in the sand.
    • Lift head and shoulders while turning to the side to build a sand castle on that side. Repeat on the other side.
    • See a kite overhead and grab onto the string. Let the kite pull you up to sitting. 
    • Hold the kite overhead and let the kite sway you to the right and left.
    • Let the kite go, watch it fly away, and wave bye to the kite.
    • See a Frisbee and reach out to catch it up high on one side. Then catch another Frisbee up high on the other side. Then throw the Frisbees.
      • Variation: Catch a Frisbee on one side and then throw it; repeat on the other side.
    • Pull legs into tabletop to eat a snack. Pretend to eat a snack. Lower legs down.
  2. Foot and Ankle Stretches — Flex and Point
    • Sitting tall with legs stretched out front, pretend to push toes down into the sand (1, 2, 3), quickly flip sand off (4).
      • Variation: Push toes into sand (1), pull out of sand (1, 2, 3).
    • Sitting tall with legs stretched out front, reach forward with arms and body pretending to push waves away. Push waves away (1, 2, 3), sit tall (4), push away (1, 2, 3), sit tall (4). Ask dancers to reach as far forward as they can on the push away. Remind them to keep their knees stretched.
    • React as they pretend to let a big wave come toward them and splash all over.
    • Reach overhead and clap & clap.
    • Repeat 3 times.