Dance Discussion — New Year's Resolutions

We hope everyone's new year is off to an incredible start! 

We welcomed 2014 in Australia (read about the trip here), find ourselves in February (how did that happen already!?), and are in the midst of Lunar New Year celebrations (hello, horse and see you later, snake). What a fun start to the year! How have you been ringing in the new year?

With the turn of the year, we like to reflect on what we learned last year and look forward to what we want to accomplish this year. While we didn't sit down to write out each resolution, we do know our goals, and we're already working toward many of them.

One thing that is at the front of our minds is how we can best provide support and value to you, our Leap 'N Learn partners. Hosting monthly Dance Discussions is one way we want to achieve this. These will be open conversations between all of you and all of us. We hope you get to know and learn from each other, as we know our collective community shares so much intelligence and experience! 

So let's ease into our first Dance Discussion by talking all about New Year's Resolutions. We'll pose questions to get you going, and then you can comment below (remember there are no wrong questions or responses). 

  • Do you make new year's resolutions?
  • What are your resolutions for 2014:
    • For you?
    • For your students?
    • For your teachers and staff?
    • For your dance business?
  • What's your process like for coming up with these?
  • How do you plan to reach your goals?
  • Do you have a system for keeping yourself accountable for the sticking to your resolutions?

Ready, set, go...

And remember to check back often so you can see what others are saying and keep the conversation going!