What’s Included with a Leap ‘N Learn License

Teaching Materials

Gain access to all of our detailed dance lesson plans, videos, artwork, and more for three- to ten-year-old dance classes. Your workload is instantly minimized and streamlined. Plus, the quality and consistency of your dance studio will rise to the next level!

Website Access

Licensed Leap 'N Learn studios receive a password to the member section on our website which is full of useful information and helpful resources. One easy spot to find everything you need for ongoing support and inspiration — talk about great organization and motivation! 


The right to be the only Leap ‘N Learn licensed studio in your area protects you from competition and helps to make your studio stand out by offering the highest-quality program for early childhood dance. The choice is simple — be the best dance studio for miles and miles. 

Personalized Attention

Licensed dance studio owners have monthly consult calls with Leap 'N Learn founder Beverly Spell.  The success of your business becomes the focus of ours. We’ll be on a first-name basis right away. 

The Leap ‘N Learn Teaching Package

 This is the package of all packages in the dance world. Just take a look at the volume of incredible information that is included!

Seriously, there is everything you could need to successfully implement the Leap ‘N Learn program in this starter package, including:

  • Full Leap ‘N Learn Dance Curriculum: Studio Owner Edition & Binder for Each Age-Level
  • Curriculum supported coloring pages for your students and full colored examples for your staff to use when presenting a new concept
  • 5 CDs: Locomotion; Rainy Day; Music, Magic & Make-Believe; KIDS!; KIDS! 2
  • 5 DVDs: A Glance at Child Development; Positive Discipline; Music, Magic & Make-Believe; Rainy Day; LocoMotion 
  • Set of Movement Mats
  • Set of Ribbon Rings
  • Set of Scarves
  • Set of Maracas


Over time as a licensed Leap ‘N Learn studio if you find yourself needing additional props, or anything else, you will receive a discount on any purchase at Leap ‘N Learn. We even have the most amazing ballet barres on the market.  They are fully adjustable, free-standing, lightweight, sturdy, and a joy to use in all your older ballet classes.  All you have to do is give us a call and we can take care of your order on the phone.


Get the word out — with help from us of course. We’ll provide you with materials for parents, access to our logo, a listing on our official Leap ‘N Learn website, and many other tips for having more young dancers leaping into your studio and sticking around year-after-year. 

Additional Training

We know a dance studio’s success relies on the strength of its teachers. We want all of your teachers to have the same direct, high-quality Leap ‘N Learn training, so each year we will provide additional training to two teachers complimentary. Even if you don’t send new teachers, the refresh of Leap ‘N Learn training always leads to learning new things.