The Leap ’N Learn family of products provide dance teachers with products and information that are sensitive to children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Leap ’N Learn was originally developed to help young dancers prepare for formal ballet classes. Since then, it has grown into a program that encourages creativity, self-expression, and fundamental movement skills.


In LEAP ’N LEARN: A Comprehensive Early Childhood Dance Syllabus, dance teachers are given valuable information to guide them through their teaching process. The syllabus is a great way to start your own or enhance your current early childhood classes. Leap ’N Learn makes training new teachers and planning classes easy, it provides consistency and structure, and is educational, fun, and economical.

DANCE camps

DANCE camps can help to supplement a studio’s income. Keep you studio busy during slow seasons with programs that introduce young dancers to dance history, anatomy, nutrition, and music in a creative format that is fun!


LocoMotion, Rainy Day, Music Magic, and Make-Believe are wonderful creative movement CDs that can be used with the Leap ’N Learn syllabus or with your already established program. Each CD is filled with charming songs that are great for awakening a child’s understanding of movement and imagination.

KIDS! and KIDS! 2 are the perfect CDs to use with your LEAP ’N LEARN: A Comprehensive Early Childhood Dance Syllabus, because they were composed specifically for it. These CDs make classtime fun with clear beats, sing-able melodies, and wonderful orchestration.

The Leap ’N Learn Dance Teacher Workshop is a truly a unique intensive program. Led by Beverly and Dr. Annie Spell, the workshop covers a broad range of topics for the many different age groups.

The Leap ’N Learn program strives to make it easier for you to be an effective and happy teacher. In addition to being financially rewarding, we hope you will find the Leap ’N Learn program products to be useful and artistically satisfying with which to work - and a lot of FUN for both you and your students.