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What is Leap 'N Learn?

Leap 'N Learn is a licensed program for dance studios who care about the whole child. 

Leap ‘N Learn is an effective, safe, progressive, and developmentally appropriate dance program for creative movement to beginning ballet. Designed by master teacher Beverly Spell and expert child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell, the curriculums combine the healthiest practices for teaching children ballet technique, while simultaneously encouraging pretend play amongst the youngest students to maintain a positive and nurturing environment.

Capitalizing on the naturally occurring cognitive and neural development of children, the Leap ‘N Learn curriculum provides tools and shares knowledge necessary for the creation of a successful learning environment. Through an appreciation and utilization of natural development, students in a Leap ‘N Learn program will acquire motor, cognitive, and social skills beneficial for life.

Leap ’N Learn was developed and written based on how children process information. By licensing your studio in Leap ’N Learn you will have the tools and knowledge needed to teach the whole child.  Take the step to ensure your studio's early childhood program is thriving, fill out your application today!

Online training in curriculum and early childhood learning

Upon licensing in Leap ’N Learn, you will receive passwords to the online training member site.  This training consists of ten modules taught by child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell and master teacher and trainer Beverly Spell.  Being licensed is like attending a Leap ’N Learn training in the comfort of your own home. Train your staff any time of the year.  As a licensed LNL studio, you will always have the security of knowing your staff is trained in how to teach children based on how they learn and process information.  Quizzes and a practicum are included for teacher certification.  

Benefit rich with 100’s of resources, printables, written lesson plans, music, and props

There are so many benefits included with becoming a licensed Leap 'N Learn studio. Never worry about what your staff is teaching. Leap 'N Learn provides music, props, and over 1800 pages of easy to use curriculum, lesson plans, resources, and coloring sheets.  Leap ’N Learn is everything you need to run a successful and enriching early childhood dance program.

Mentoring program

Included with licensing in Leap ’N Learn, you will receive ongoing education through the member site and live events. Stay connected and share ideas with Beverly and other studio owners in our annual live event teacher workshops.  Need a little extra mentoring? Book a private one on one call with Beverly to get your questions answered.  Leap ’N Learn is here to support and ensure your success with the most important students in your studio!


Get to know the creators

It all began back in 2003 with casual conversation at Beverly’s kitchen table.  Beverly's son Joe was dating Annie, who at the time was pursuing her Master's in clinical psychology with a specialization in children and adolescents.  Beverly's background was classical ballet and she owned a dance studio.  She had been searching for the best way to teach children and had said many times, "Oh gosh, I need a degree in psychology to know what to do here!"  Well, it was over that conversation at the kitchen table that the missing link was discovered!  

Leap 'N Learn was an existing business.  In 2003 Beverly received a call from the owner asking her to take it over.  Annie and Beverly worked feverishly in 2004 to create and launch the new Leap 'N Learn curriculum with the focus on teaching dance to children based on how they process information.  Today Leap 'N Learn is a licensing program with full support, on-going education, staff training, and mentoring.  Annie is now Beverly's daughter-in-law and is the mother of her two beautiful grandsons. 


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Leap 'N Learn Membership

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  • Online Training and Certification for Entire Staff

    Includes 10-module online training course covering our 3 – 6-Year-Old Curriculum with assessments and feedback. The Online training is taught by Beverly Spell and child psychologist, Dr. Annie Spell. Upon successful completion of training, studios receive certificates to display and permission to list employees as certified Leap ’N Learn teachers on their studio website.

  • Member Site

    Access to the Leap ’N Learn Member Site providing video explanations of lesson plans, new exercises, prop ideas, teaching hints, and how to best train student assistants.

    Have questions? Each month you can book a 30-minute call with Beverly using our convenient call scheduling system found on the member site.

    Just prior to the beginning of each month, Beverly will post her weekly lesson plans for ages three through seven along with video demonstrations of important things to remember when teaching these very important ages. So, if Beverly has a new idea for her classes, she will be sharing it with you right away!

  • Curriculums & Teaching Materials

    Teaching content covering five age levels (ages 3-7) including supporting resources such as handouts, monthly lesson plans, and music written specifically for each lesson. Also includes the Leap ’N Learn prop package: 30 Leap ’N Learn mats, 14 pairs of ribbon rings, 14 scarves, 14 maracas, and Leap ’N Learn coloring pages for every lesson.

  • Student Assistant Training Program

    Good student assistants are worth their weight in gold. Ensure that all of your assistants are trained in Leap ‘N Learn by having them take part in the online training available through your licensing. Studio owners are very busy, so why not let Beverly and Dr. Annie train all of your assistants. Be the only studio in your area to be able to claim that your student assistants have been trained by a child psychologist and the author of an early childhood curriculum.

  • Monthly Private Consultation Call

    Private consultations with Beverly are available.

  • Annual Member Retreat & Trainings

    Yes, Leap ’N Learn licensing will provide you with online training and a members site that will keep you connected, but there is nothing like getting together with other studio owners and teachers that truly understand what your life is like. Leap ’N Learn will host annual retreats with training for you and up to three additional licensed staff at no additional cost to you (other than travel and accommodations). Spend time with Beverly, Dr. Annie, and other leading professionals in the industry and return home confident and renewed. Additional staff over four can attend for a fee.

  • Additional Curriculums & Training Available

    In addition to our early childhood curriculum, Leap 'N Learn also has a complete curriculum and training for teaching ballet to seven-year-olds and Ballet I for ages 8 to 10-year-olds. For an additional fee, enjoy all the benefits that Leap 'N Learn has to offer in your next age group.

  • Additional Products Available for Purchase

    For an additional fee, the following options are available to you as a licensed studio

    Private In-Studio Staff Training: Beverly travels to your studio and trains your entire staff

    Master Classes for your students: Beverly would love to teach and share her love of ballet with your students

    Exclusive Territory so that no other studio in your area may license in Leap ’N Learn

    Additional curriculums and camps written by Beverly

    Additional products such as barres and more


Ready to join the Leap 'N Learn family?

That makes us so happy! Please start by filling out our online application. This form gives us the basics about your dance studio. Once we receive your application, we'll schedule a call so we can get to know each other and make sure Leap 'N Learn is a good fit for you.