Leap 'N Learn for Dance Teachers

Whether you are exploring a career as a dance teacher or you have been teaching dance for twenty years, Leap 'N Learn is something you'll want to know and use. Our early childhood dance program helps support dance teachers working with students ages three to ten, and our licensing program provides full, ongoing support and so much more.  

The Leap 'N Learn program provides curriculum for each specific age-level, as well as nine months of lessons for those ages. Through education-based and proven dance theories, you'll see why this dance curriculum stands out above the rest. It shows in the results! Our dance studios see increased success; our dance teachers are more satisfied with their jobs; our dance students show high levels of learning; growth and enjoyment; and our parents are impressed. 

Not only is the material easy-to-follow, but it's fun and flexible. Licensed Leap 'N Learn studios can use our detailed dance lesson plans verbatim or fit them to their programs needs. We know each studio and each dance class varies, so Leap 'N Learn is designed to compliment any environment and to be tailored to every dance class. We provide you the ideas and materials to be set-up for success, but allow freedom to keep things creative and evolving. 

Everything in the Leap 'N Learn package is everything you need as a dance teacher. You'll have the core early childhood dance curriculum, as well as music, DVDs, props and more that are all created specifically to match the lesson plans. All of this pulls together beautifully to let you shine at what you do best — teach children to dance and to love it! 

Oh, did we mention that Leap 'N Learn also includes in-depth dance teacher training and ongoing support? Each year a licensed Leap 'N Learn dance studio can send two teachers for training, and each month the studio's staff has a consult call with our Leap 'N Learn experts. You will always have access to new, creative ideas, as well as have the opportunity to find helpful answers to any questions you have using the dance curriculum in your specific classes.  

What's Next?

 Find a licensed Leap 'N Learn studio to inquire about job openings. Or talk to your studio owner to see if licensing is the right fit, learn more, and get started with the Leap 'N Learn application process. We hope to see you in our dance teacher trainings!